Picks from MBW 50: Pennsylvania 6-5000

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Favorite quote from the show @ 37:45 from Merlin Mann – “Can be reached at Jackass 6-7518.” Directed to Kevin Miller and his claim that the iPhone was knocking out the Duke network. Turns out it was a single Cisco router.

Book Pick: The Now Habit from Audible.com (http://audible.com/macbreak)

Brett Larson – software pick… right from his applications folder:

Mega Seg at http://www.megaseg.com/

About: MegaSeg is an elegant mixing and playlist scheduling system for anyone who needs total control of the mix. It allows you to customize and simplify your user experience like no other, and perform live segues or beat-mix between songs and videos for a professional presentation.

“Great for wedding DJ’s.”

Alex Lindsay

Jing at http://jingproject.com/

Currently both Windows, Mac, and FREE. Snap pictures of your desktop and share instantly. Nice UI…

Leo Laporte –

Art Rage at http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html
Leo claims this is one of the greatest free programs written for Windows or Mac. Both free and paid versions available. 2.5 just came out. Leo wants his kids to discover it and start playing with it…

Scott Bourne

TaDa at http://www.tadalist.com/
Influenced by Merlin Mann’s advice to make lists, and with no list making feature on the iPhone, he was forced to find an online alternative. From the cool cats at 37Signals (we use Basecamp over at ClearDev to help with the projects) he found tada — plus, it’s FREE.

Merlin Mann

Merlin found a free one as well. It’s a website, Graffletopia.com, where people share libraries of stencils for the product OmniGraffle. Floor plans, sound design, flow charts, etc. It’s really an incredible resource for anyone that uses Omnigraffle.

After show ideas: Maybe a future episode will be dedicated to the “dark days” of Apple when hardware compatibility was scarce and the command key was ridiculed.

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