8 thoughts on “Scott Bourne’s belly button actually recharges his iPhone.”

  1. The next movie in the Bourne series will feature Scott Bourne killing people with his iPhone while eating KFC.

  2. Scott doesn’t actually press the buttons on his iPhone with his hands, he bends the laws of Physics to move his iPhone closer to his hands

    Scott’s iPhone also doubles as a time machine

    Scott Buys a new Mac every week because the sheer energy exerted by his iPhone causes every Mac he owns to blow up

    There is no theory of Quantum Physics only a theory of how Scott’s iPhone affects our perception of the Space & Time

  3. Scott Bourne doesn’t use toilet paper, he uses iPhones…

    Contrary to rumor, Scott Bourne doesn’t fend off muggers with one of his iPhones–he uses the 300 page AT&T bill.

    Scott Bourne bought a Prius to recharge his iPhones.

    Scott Bourne is the only person allowed to
    send text messages on teh iPhone while driving. And the only one who can.

    Scott Bourne edits his podcast website with the iPhone in his right hand while reading and answering his email with the iPhone in his left hand as he checks his voicemail with one in his left foot and he searches the web with an iPhone and his right foot.

    Scott Bourne doesn’t surf the internet with his iPhones, he surfs the Cosmos.

    Scott Bourne hasn’t resurrected the dead with his iPhone, because he’s too busy feeding the world’s hungry with it.

    Scott Bourne replaced his loofa, toothbrush and razor with iPhones.

    Scott Bourne is bating his Bin Laden traps with iPhones.

    Scott Bourne’s Secret superhero Identity is Johnny iPhoneseed.

    Scott Bourne is the key to unlocking the iPhone.

    And of course Apple didn’t make the iPhone, Scott Bourne brought the iPhone into being by sheer force of mind.

  4. Recently scientists, whilst examining Scott Bourne’s blood, discovered tiny iPhones in his blood stream

  5. Scott Bourne doesn’t read I-Phone rumors, everyone in Apple reads Scott Bourne rumors.

    Scott Bourne I-Phone bill doesn’t come in a box, it comes in by a truck, driven by Steve Jobs.

    Scott Bourne plays Halo 3 on his I-Phone.

    Scott Bourne manipulates AT&T stocks by activating or deactivating his army of I-Phones.

    Google videos doesn’t fill the tubes, Scott Bourne’s I-Phone data traffic fill the tubes.

    Scott Bourne doesn’t need HD-TVs, Scott Bourne watches his HD collection on his 100×100 I-Phone wall.

    Apple ddn’t invent I-Phone, Scott Bourne willed I-Phone into existance.

    Not only does Scott Bourne has Wikipedia entries, every single one of his I-Phones has Wikipedia entries.

  6. Scott Bourne has enough iPhones to use his accumulated $100 Steve-Jobs-is-a-nice-guy credits to buy 12 more iPhones.

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