Picks from MBW 58: Repeal The Nerd Tax


With all of these picks over the weeks, which ones have worked out the best for you? For me, it’s TextExpander by far. I started using it for little things like my email signatures, and for that crazy latin that everyone uses for dummy copy on websites. Over that last few months, I’ve filled it up with HTML shortcuts, auto-replies to emails, tons of things – even does most of my spelling corrections.

What’s worked for you?

8 thoughts on “Picks from MBW 58: Repeal The Nerd Tax”

  1. I listened to the podcast today. Do you recall the name of the iPhone case that Merlin Mann recommended?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this!

  2. I love Acorn. Loads fast and gets the job done. It takes a bit the getting used to, but it’s great for simple image editing.

    Photoshop takes AGES to load.

  3. After all the swooning over Acorn, I was hoping someone would actually compare it to pixelmator. Leo mentioned but but no one made the connection.

  4. Hi everyone, I’m quite an iPhone carrying ludite and I just downloaded and installed Apptap. Now, I don’t know what to do. How do I find apps to install? What are the apps that come with Apptap? And how do I install new apps?

    Thanks Alex

  5. hi i’m trying to find the ringtone program for the iphone that was mentioned on one of you recent shows. the 2 that are mentioned the most are the one that leo uses and there is another one that i think alex keeps mentioning but i cant find the episode or remember the name. thanx

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