Picks from MBW 61: The Bouffant of Knowledge

MBW PeppersSoftware & Hardware picks:

P.S. — Major congratulations to Merlin Mann on his upcoming daughter!

5 thoughts on “Picks from MBW 61: The Bouffant of Knowledge”

  1. YEAH! MERLIN & MADELINE, AND ALEX-BEN & CARLETA! Babies, babies, babies….little precious babies!! Is Andyi next?

    think i’m going to try that flickrexport. Leo and I got burned on our TextAmerica photos. my New England vacation photos…ALL GONE! yuck.

  2. The reason that your shrink-wrapped version of OSX will not work is that it is not made for the Intel Processors. Read the side of that black OS X box. I promise you that it says PowerPC G3, G4, and G5.

    There is no retail version that works on Intel processors. Leopard disks will tho…

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