Picks from MBW 67: Kindle-ing The Flame

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5 thoughts on “Picks from MBW 67: Kindle-ing The Flame”

  1. I was at my local Apple store tonight. I asked them if they sold the Creative Aruvana headphones. They do, and they had ’em in stock.

    The local store was displaying them over the holidays, but they didn’t sell very well. The boxes have been pulled. I don’t know if the Apple stores will sell them on clearance or return them.

    If people are interested in getting these Bourne-approved headsets, you might want to ask around at your local Apple Store.


  2. I recently got the Aruvana headphones and am very happy with them.

    One cool feature is that the headset cord is completely detachable. This allows you to use the ANR without any cables dangling from them.

    Before you buy the Brand-B ‘phones, I recommend trying these guys.


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