Picks from MBW 178: Flash Is Cilantro

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  1. On show 178 Merlin mentions a program where you run a daemon on your Mac and can control it via your iPhone or iPod Touch. There was confusion about the name, with Leo chiming in with a series of guesses . Anyone know what program they were talking about? Vadoo, Jadoo (jadu?)… I did some searches via Google and iTunes but no luck so far.

  2. Sorry to say ripit didn’t do to well for me.

    I put in “Blade Runner The Final Cut’ and it failed.

    I don’t think that’s a rare disc.

    I duly filled in the for and sent it to them.

    Verdict must do better…

  3. @stan the iPhone app is called Jaadu.

    Just a warning, the app is expensive (I think $30 range). You might want to consider Logmein instead or other VNC apps.

    Still, I’m a big fan of Jaadu. It does it’s job well and works well. Additionally, when using Jaadu in your own network, Jaadu optimizes and goes directly to your source instead of going to the Internets (TM) first then to your source. (Hope that makes sense).

    Still, really expensive app to do VNC and screen sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tip on Jaadu and Logmein. Since Logmein offers a free version, I’ll give it a whirl.

    I agree $30 is a bit much unless you are a maniac or in IT.

  5. On further investigation, Logmein app for the iPhone appears to also be $30. There is a free version for Mac to another Mac/Network but I didn’t see any free iPhone/iPod version. Logmein also had several negative reviews.

    I guess I’ll stick with the free Mocha VNC Lite.

  6. @stan Ah, I forgot that the iPhone app for Logmein was expensive as well. Sorry about that. I’m actually befuddled on why so many of these VNC apps are so expensive? Such is life.

    Mocha VNC Lite is actually a great app, so in your case you’re doing the smart thing.

  7. Stan, another app is TouchMouse. It is free, go and get it now. You can control your Mac remotely with it.

    BTW, Rip IT is free, not $19.99

  8. Doh, I jhust downloaded and installed Rip IT. It was only when I put the DVD in that it tells me I have a trial version and can only rip 10 discs.

    Oh well, we’ll see if it works at least with those 10 free goes.

    What other options are there for DVD rippers aside from Handbrake?

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