Picks from MBW 179: QUID PRO AIR

Hardware & software:


SIDE NOTE: Ã?â??Ã? Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through recent posts and loading the picks into a spreadsheet. Ã?â??Ã? Sure, it’s glamorous and exciting work, but let’s get past that. Ã?â??Ã? So, I made it back to show 95, and then my pal James worked a little PHP/MySQL magic making all the picks searchable/filterable by keyword, host, and/or ‘type.’ Ã?â??Ã? It seems to be working pretty good. Ã?â??Ã? If you’re looking for older stuff, you should be able to pull it up here really fast.

It’s super easy (I think) to pull up all of Merlin’s picks, or get all of Andy’s hardware picks, etc.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Picks from MBW 179: QUID PRO AIR”

  1. Thanks for this search… I often scan your site for picks and this will be very helpful.

  2. An iphone app, maybe one tap that listed audible books with select reviews/comments from the crew…whew, wonder if audible would support you in that endeavor??
    While I like the mac and appreciate MBW banter, I find myself eagerly looking forward to their book reviews!

  3. For the past two shows, Merlin and Leo have alluded to something called quick or quicks as a possible pick. Both clearly like it. Anyone know what the hell they’re talking about?

    It’s too ambiguous to come up in a google search.

  4. Man how I wish that Siri was available in other countries. It looks like such an excellent app.

    Isn’t it the live streaming video app? It’s not at all new, it’s been around for ages. Perhaps it’s not that.

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