Picks from MBW 259: Jury Duty, Part 1

Hardware & software:

Tips of the Week:� 

  • Lion Tip: Hold the option key while resizing a window. Ã? It will move both sides of the window the same distance.
  • iOS Tip:Ã?  Power Management Tips: 1. Make sure Skype isn’t running. Ã? 2. If going on a trip, do a full restart just to kill anything eating up the battery. Ã? 3. Turn off wifi/3g if you don’t have a solid network connection so the device isn’t constantly searching.

2 thoughts on “Picks from MBW 259: Jury Duty, Part 1”

  1. I’d recommend TuneIn Radio over Skitcher, better interface and a few more features. The
    Pro one (99c) is adfree and has the ability to record.

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