Picks from MBW 301: Siri, Tell Me a Joke

Hardware & software:

  • CoBook (app store) for free from Leo Laporte.
  • 123d Catch (for iPad) for free from Alex Lindsay.
  • 123d Make (App Store) for free from Alex Lindsay.
  • Futulele (for iPad) for $4.99 from Andy Ihnatko.


  • iOS: Before traveling internationally, from Settings, reset your statistics so you have a good idea of the data you’re using… from Alex Lindsay. Ã? Andy notes – on AT&T, if you buy too much international data, you can be refunded for what you didn’t use.
  • OSX: Ã? Three keyboard shortcuts in Keynote… from Andy Ihnatko.
    1. Tap the X key and your presentation screens will switch
    2. Tap R to reset the timer to zero
    3. Tap H to switch between Keynote and the last used application.
Editor’s Note:
  • Just a quick suggestion for everyone… A new version of Panic’s Coda (Coda 2) was released last week with a ton of new features. Ã? Also, they released “Diet Coda” for the iPad. Ã? A pretty fantastic ftp/editor for the iPad. Ã? Neither is a paid placement, but I thought for sure they guys would include one or both of these as picks.