Top Picks for 2017

Another year of MacBreak Weekly has been logged (well almost) so, to wrap things up, here’s the “best of” 2017 list based on the Amazon stats. Below are the top 15 picks overall based on clicks through to Amazon.

Even though Kelly Guimont was only on the show a few times this year, her wall charger pick had 2x the number of clicks than the second item on the list.  Plus she had a second pick in the top 10.  She knows how to pick ’em!

In the top 15 – here’s the tally by host:

  • Andy Ihnatko – 7 picks
  • Kelly Guimont – 2 picks
  • Rene Ritchie – 2 picks
  • Alex Lindsay – 2 picks
  • Tanya Engst – 1 pick
  • Leo Laporte – 1 pick