Leo Laporte & the TWiT Network in the NYT’s

The NYT’s ran an article on Leo and the TWiT Network today. Ã?â??Ã? You can check out the entire article here. Ã?â??Ã? In the meantime, here’s a clip:

Balancing on a giant rubber ball in a broadcast studio and control room carved out of a cottage in Petaluma, Calif., Leo Laporte is an unlikely media mogul.

Next year, the TWIT empire is expected to move into a larger building, down the street from its current headquarters. Mr. Laporte plans to start a morning show this spring to compete with drive-time radio broadcasters.

Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã?â??ItÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢s not as if I had a plan for all this,Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã? Mr. Laporte said. Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã?â??It just kind of happened. It was almost as if we had this audience that was waiting for the medium to come along.Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã?

MBW iPad Special

Last night around 10:15pm EST, Andy Ihnatko and Alex Lindsay went live on the TWiT network for a special unveiling of the iPad! Ã?â??Ã? Turns out Andy has had an iPad in his possession for over a week. Ã?â??Ã? Here are some related videos & links:

And here’s Andy’s killer review for the Chicago Sun Times. A couple more days and I’ll have one in my own hands! How about you?

UPDATE: Ã?â??Ã? Here’s a series of videos that Andy did in NYC with Fast Company.

Picks from MBW 157


No picks this week, just some live coverage of Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” iPod/iTunes event. Ã?â??Ã? You can check out the new goods here:

Andy’s Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh Test Drive

Andy Ihnatko put up a fantastic demo video of his hacked for OS X Dell Mini 9.Ã?â??Ã?  Since he mentioned it on this week’s show, I thought it would be appropriate to share it here. Enjoy!

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh Test Drive from Andy Ihnatko on Vimeo.

Picks from MBW 121: WWPD

happy new year

Hardware & software:

Picks of the Year:


No show this week? Fear not.

noshowDoesn’t look like a show is coming over the wire this week, but I have some consolation for you…

  • Andy Ihnatko was on the “Tech Night Owl Live” show last week.Ã?â??Ã?  He comes on around the 1:30:00 mark.Ã?â??Ã?  Here’s the episode and here’s the show site.
  • For Mac news, commentary and advice, check out The MacCast.
  • For those headed to SXSW, you can catch up with Merlin.

Picks from MBW 71: What Would Steve Jobs Do?


No picks on this show but maybe we’ll get some later in the week.

The crew will be hard at work at the Macworld Expo, so look for a few more shows this week. You can see their schedule here: http://www.pixelcorps.com/podcaststudio